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Elizabeth was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1976 to loving parents Bob and Julia Lane. She is currently living in Orlando, Florida with her beautiful Jack Russell - Princess - and attending Rollins College full time while continuing her writing career.

Calypso´s Storm

            After a storm causes her husband’s plane to crash, Penny Trent begins exhibiting bizarre symptoms- she has no recollection of her husband Grant’s death and instead recalls a traumatic divorce.  When she is deemed by the state as a danger to herself and her son, Penny enters treatment, where her doctor discovers that a traumatic event in her childhood, the disappearance of her stepfather Eric Bera, is the root cause of her mental illness.
            After being released from the hospital, Penny receives a mysterious letter telling her she is in danger and she enlists the help of her brother-in-law, Tony, and her roommate, Dot, to help her track down Eric. As she turns to Tony for protection and comfort, the two become close – something Tony has always wanted.
When Dot starts to see Grant, Penny isn’t sure whether to believe the mentally unbalanced woman or get her help and things only go from bad to worse as Penny herself starts to see her dead husband.  Along every step of the way, Penny uncovers more and more of the truth and soon realizes that knowing the truth is far more dangerous than believing the lie. Every answer only leads to more questions.  What happened to Eric Bera? Is Grant really dead? And will Tony be the man to heal her heart or to break it?